Volunteering is a great way to contribute your time and skills to a cause you believe in. Here in Kar Geno we are always looking for bright individuals willing to work with us on one of our projects. Whether you are a professional and would like to work on a specific project or you have no specific skills, but simply are motivated to help people in need you are very welcome to join us.

We encourage you to pay a visit and see these projects in action whether you are able to volunteer or not. Come and interact with the women, children and young people of Kar Geno, and of Asembo where a real traditional African way of life and meals are shared. Every volunteer or visitor will have a unique opportunity to live and work alongside our team and contribute towards the transformation of people’s lives.

If you are a student or a professional you can join Kar Geno for a professional internship in Majimbu, Kenya.

  • Community development projects
  • Entrepreneurship and small business management
  • Microfinance and Women’s Cooperatives
  • Children’s Education
  • Health and HIV/AIDS education
  • Sustainable agriculture

Asembo, Kar Geno and Africa are best understood by experiencing it.

If your educational facility or employer requires, we can issue an official letter acknowledging your  internship and placement with us.

Please get in touch with us on kargenokenya@gmail.com if you are interested in joining us.

We assure you that volunteering with, or visiting Kar Geno is not only a rewarding, fulfilling experience but it is also tremendous fun!


Volunteer/Internship Program


If you are self-motivated, mature, trustworthy, energetic, and innovative, you’d be a great fit.  We hope you enjoy working with women and children and have a heart for serving.  You should be open to new experiences and willing to embrace all aspects of a new culture including the food, events, transportation, and more. Most importantly, volunteers are willing to be challenged and stretched and live a simplified lifestyle.

The organization has a volunteer apartment in Kisumu City which accommodates up to eight volunteers, there is also volunteer huts in the village. The Kisumu Apartment which also doubles as our office is equipped with running water, electricity, unlimited access to internet and well equipped modern kitchen. However, at times there can be power outages throughout Kisumu, and this neighborhood is no exception. Please understand that life in Kenya is different from life in the Western Country and volunteers will not have the same amenities that they have at home. This experience is about being flexible and adaptable to new conditions.

Kar Geno strives to keep costs reasonable for our volunteers. Volunteers are responsible for paying for their own plane tickets and travel insurance. We can advise you of the best place to purchase flights and insurance at reasonable rates. Check out www.volunteercard.com for options to purchase travel insurance. The below costs include full accommodation with 3 basic meals per day:

$1,600 USD for 2 weeks

A typical breakfast consists of Kenyan chai tea and bread and jam or pancakes or eggs. Cereal is also available in the local supermarkets. Lunch is typically rice, ugali, or lentils with vegetables. Dinner is usually a common Kenyan dish: rice and beans; chapati and vegetables; fish and ugali, fresh fruit, etc. Volunteers will take turns helping cook meals. Western food and snacks can be purchased on your own at nearby grocery stores. Please note that some foods may be different than what you’re accustomed to, but being flexible is important to respecting and adapting to a new culture.


  • Nearby stores and restaurants are within walking distance of the apartment; however, volunteers may wish to use public transportation (which is cheaply priced, averaging $10 per trip) to get to bigger grocery stores or motor taxis. If you need to take a taxi for site seeing, the cost is similar to taking a taxi in the U.S. Volunteers will pay these costs.

Additional trips and excursions: There are many tourist attractions to see throughout Western Kenya region and in other parts of Kenya and this is a great way to support the local economy. Kar Geno staff can help arrange any of these trips. A day trip to the nearby national park costs approximately $200. 3-day safari trips to Masai Mara cost approximately $500 per person.

Vaccinations: All volunteers are required to consult with their healthcare professional to determine which vaccines will be needed prior to coming to Kenya. We recommend at a minimum that you be vaccinated for Typhoid Fever and Hepatitis A and B and have an updated Tetanus shot.

Below is our application, and we also require a $500 non-refundable deposit with your application (we will send you an invoice).  If you are accepted to volunteer, the deposit will be applied towards the cost of your trip.  If space is unavailable or you are not accepted, we will return your deposit.  Fill out the form below and  and we will be in touch shortly.  If you have questions before applying, feel free to reach out to us through the CONTACT page on our site.

  • Dates available for volunteering
  • Please provide names, address, and phone numbers of 3 references. Indicate how you know each person.
  • Please recognize that by virtue of this program being an international program working in an under-developed country, there are risks. Kar Geno plans and intends to make the program as safe as possible for the volunteer and to provide training and guidance to protect the volunteer but will not be held liable for any incidents or unforeseen circumstances.

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