The Moringa Cooperative

In Mabinju, we assist a women’s cooperative that cultivates and harvests the moringa plant. Moringa is a lesser known super food. The plant can be ground into a powder that forms a food supplement, high in vitamins and nutrients. Kar Geno provides the community with a plot of land next to Lake Victoria, where the plant flourishes in the fertile soil.

Thanks to this location, the plant is able to grow during the drought season. Cultivating the moringa plant to the required standard necessary to create the powdered product is a labour intensive process. Currently there are some fifteen women who work on this project.

The women employed on the Moringa Cooperative are all involved with planting, weeding, watering, cutting, and grinding the moringa into a dry, high quality powder. We are then able to sell the product within the region generating a profit that is put back into the cooperative via the Microfinance Fund and into the cooperative so that we can continue to operate. We are now looking to expand the project and seek international markets for our product.

Please contact us if you are interested in becoming a retailer of moringa.

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